Tuesday, July 17, 2001

It's 2:14 pm, a Wednesday afternoon. Redj came over at 10 am, this made me really happy. He just left a couple of minutes ago... His mom asked him for an errand. Too bad I was only with him for 3 hours, how I wish I could be by his side for eternity. I really, really love Redj. When I'm with him, everything's just so fine. I feel purely bliss... just being with him. He's just so wonderful. He does things effortlessly yet, things come out perfectly...
Anyway, I saw Frances Tariga at Informatics yesterday, she's the same. Nothing's change, except that she seemed shorter. I dunno, coz before she's tall, as in really TALL. I dunno what happend with her.

Sunday, July 15, 2001

We went to Paranaque at 9:30 last night. I called Redj's place just before we left, unfortunately he wasn't around yet. We got there 10:10.
Redj lied to me again. He told he wasn't going anywhere but in a computershop near his place. Instead, he went to Interactive. I nearly ired when I learned about it, but good grief he was able to stop me. All I wanted was for him to tell me where's he going, I won't stop him anyway. I just wish he'd eventually realize how bad I feel whenever he lies to me. I understand him, I know he just wants me to feel ok and not be bothered that much. I still have trust in him. I love him.
We were able to sit during the Mass coz we got there earlier. As a habit, we would buy food first before we go home.
Tito Bing wasn't able to fetch us, so we commuted. We waited for, I think 20 mins just to get a cab that would take us back. We got here 8:10. I quickly called my Redj and checked him. We watched The Beach. We put the phone down 10:30... I wish him a good night sleep.