Saturday, July 14, 2001

Wow, what can i say! This has been an absolutely HAPPY day. I thought this is going to be a usual boring day, but thanks to my sort-of boyfriend Redj who made my day.
I woke up extra-early today, 6:30 a.m so that I won't hurry myself from preparing for school. As I was preparing to shower, mom started her usual morning sermons 'bout my last night's using of phone. She was blaming me for not being able to use the phone because she fell asleep. She was fuming mad because I didn't wake her up to make a call.
I finished preparing at 7:30. Since it's still too early to go to school, I decided to go online thru a friend's internet account.
Neriza came over at around 8:30. We left here quarter to 9.
We got to school 9:05, and thank God there's no class :) So, I strutted home as fast as I could so that I could prepare when and if Redj decides to come over. He wasn't sure though,if he could come 'coz he told me he's got a bb-game with his church buddies. I was praying so hard that I could see him. The heavens answered my prayers, he got here 1:30 pm.
We were just infront of this pc the whole time he was here. We searched the web for Counter Strike cheat codes, some mp3s, and played online billiards.
As of this writing, he has just left. He'll be going to play Counter Strike in a computershop near his place. He told he he'll gonna be home by 9 pm. I wish we could still talk later since I'm already missing him.
Later, we'll be going to our house in Paranaque.